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My Future Business Interview with DARIUS JAMES

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of talking with author, publisher and affiliate marketer DARIUS JAMES.

During my time with Darius, he shares his journey of self-discovery and personal development that has led him to author his latest books:

‘Affiliate Marketing – How to Make Affiliate Commissions Without Having to Make A Ton of Content’

‘Business Plan – Blueprint Outline Strategy & Techniques That Lead to Success’.

Darius also shares how there many different elements that go into becoming successful, and one of the points that he made, was to understand that there is a difference between being an entrepreneur, versus an affiliate marketer, and why understanding the difference can greatly impact the level of success you experience.

The thing that stood out for me, was Darius’ patience and persistence, and how he kept at it regardless of any challenges that inevitably came his way. Most tellingly, was Darius’ focus on maintaining a success mindset that he coupled with daily routines that helps him achieve any goal he sets for himself.

This was a wonderful call that reveals the truth behind affiliate marketing and business planning. Neither is easy, but if done properly, can deliver amazing long-term results.

To get your hands of Darius’s books, or to contact Darius directly, click on the link below…