My Future Business Interview with RACHEL KARU

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Hi, and welcome to the show!

On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of talking with RACHEL KARU who is not only the founder and CEO at ‘Stepping Stones Into More’, she is also the past President of the award-winning International Coach Federation, Los Angeles.

Rachel holds a BS in Business with an emphasis in Human Resources Management, and also holds an MS in Counselling for Business, Industry and Government. Rachel has worked as HR Manager for some amazing brands including EMI Music Distribution representing 10 labels, and has attended the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

On today’s show, Rachel and I cover a wide range of topics, including discussions around her battles as an imprisoned perfectionist, and how this ultimately lead her becoming an empowered coach, speaker and performer.

Rachel and I talk at length about her passion for both writing and performing, and how she uses both to help express herself. But the road was not always smooth, and Rachel had to overcome several hurdles before she could truly embrace the things she loved.

The most impacting part of the call for me was Rachel’s battles with her perfectionistic nature that paralysed her from pursuing her passion for singing for more than two decades, until a fateful day where she was involved in a life-altering vehicle accident that changed everything.

This series of events led Rachel back into performing, publishing her autobiographical self-help book – Stepping Into More – Lessons from a Recovering Perfectionist, and producing her CD of songs – Stepping Into More.

This is a call that outlines how to work through adversity, challenge your beliefs about who you can be, what you can do, and what it means to live your best life. So, if you are successful in your career, but yet feel empty and burnt out, then this call is for you!

To learn more about Stepping Into More, reconnect with your passion, or to contact Rachel directly, click on the link below.